How do I know if I have unclaimed property?

  1. Check your State Treasurer’s Unclaimed Property website.
  2. We find unclaimed property that is buried in government archives, not usually found on State Treasurer lists.
  3. We perform our due diligence and contact the rightful owners.

How much is my claim?

We usually contact claimants with an average of $10,000 gross amount being held.

Can’t I find the money on my own?

Yes, if you know where to look and are willing to put in the time and resources to recover it. The governmental agencies we audit typically DO NOT post these unclaimed funds accounts online and if they do, the records are often difficult to find. 

Are there any fees that I have to pay?

  1. No, there are ZERO fees.
  2. We pay for all expenses including hiring an attorney if needed.
  3. We will never send you a bill.

How do I get started?

Call our number or fill out the Contact Us form so we can start the process.

Is this is scam?

  1. NO. The concept of lost or forgotten funds or assets has been around for a long time. The federal, state and local governments as well as private banks, HOA’s and other entities hold over a staggering $50 Billion Dollars in unclaimed funds. 
  2. We do not charge any fees even in the rare event that the recovery is not successful.


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