“Billions of dollars are being held right now in unclaimed property programs. Unfortunately, many people are unaware that unclaimed property programs exist.”

~ National Association of State Treasurers

We have the Treasure Map to discovering hidden assets!

You don’t have to search in the depths of the sea for sunken ships with their concealed caches of gold or speculate on which deserted island pirates may have buried their valuable loot. There could be, hidden in plain sight, funds you didn’t know existed.

We strive to raise awareness of these unclaimed funds by telling as many people as we can. To learn more about unclaimed property programs, visit:

Our service is at no cost to you. We take all the risks and do all the heavy lifting in this expedition which include:

  • Auditing public records
  • Verifying the funds and the rightful owner
  • Locating the owners
  • Filing the claim with the government agency

100% Risk Free

No Upfront Fees

No Seasickness